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Wednesday, July 4th, 2007
3:23 pm
Small Success
I can officially fit back into the pesky jean capris that got too small for me after I washed them one time. They fit fine and I love. So now I can say that my originial goal for weight loss has been met and I could quit but I am doing too good. Shannon visited last weekend and told me he can already see a difference in my waste line. I also have 2 pair of blue scrub pants my mom handed down to me. They used to be ever so slightly tight in the front across my lower abs but now they arent. No huge changes in weight numbers but it just goes to show, thats not the important part. You can feel it in your clothes and through compliements.

Job search is still bad but at least I am getting near 40 hours a week at Mayfair and I can definately pick up hours in the treatment area in the fall. So still not a real full time job but its as close and as good as I can get for the time being.

Still in limbo about moving in with Kristen but I will suggest to my aunt about renting a room out in her house if all else fails.
Tuesday, June 19th, 2007
10:20 am
New Journal
Sorry I haven't written in so freakin long. With all the craziness I lost my knack for writing in the LJ. But I have found inspiration to write again. In Oct 2006 I weighed the least I have weighed in a long long time. Then with the added stress and food around Christmas time and a wonderful boyfriend that will take me to any pizza buffet I want, I slowly started gaining weight back to what I used to weigh which was not good. So after buying a pair of jean capris for the summer and after one wash they are way too small I had the last straw. I am now 100% committed to losing weight over the summer. Also, I have graduated college and I am not quite living my dream job so this LJ is gonna be used a personal journal for weight loss and continuing educating myself in my field and finally figuring out what it is I am born to do in the field of zoology.
Wednesday, October 11th, 2006
10:47 am
life is crazy
Life is crazy

It really is. I just found last night one of my best friends in middle school (4th-6th) grade. It was one of those typical things that happens to a Fayetteville native where just when you found a really good friend you could grow up with, their military dad gets sent elsewhere and they have to move. But I found him and not only I found him, it turns out he was looking for me as well. YAY im not a freak!

Anyways, 2 weekends ago I had a lot of fun with jaquetta. We went to a place called White Collar Crime and danced our asses off. They were playing a lot of stuff from the 80's like early MJ and BBD. I know you guys know what that stands for. Then the next day it was Kate's birthday, where we hung out with a lot of white people. Sorry kate, you know its true. So Robert and Matt and jaquetta and myself had to bring the browness to the table. So Kate got drunk and I know she had fun. Me and jaquetta slipped out to Visions where it was pride weekend. I loved all the lesbians. I loved Erin's friend Robin that came along, I slow danced with her while we stared at some girl's ass hanging completely out.

The events didnt stop there. The following Thursday me and jaquetta went to the NC State vs FSU game. It was fun as hell even tho we didnt get to hear NC Central's band play all that much. But nonetheless it was the best game i have been to so far.

THEN the next night was the 2nd annual NC State Drag Fest. Fun as shit...I love the professional drag queens and the hostess Nellie Bottoms was funny as shit as always. My friend Katie performed as a king and did Danger zone with her pilot sunglasses and leather jacket. It was hot! I spent like almost 10 dollars tipping these bitches cuz they were all so good.

Anyways its almost fall break and I am going to go back home to fayetteville for a day and finally get to see Cindy Burham. I missed her and I'm glad she is doing ok with her stroke and all. Im sure all we are gonna talk about is the next time we're gonna go scuba diving. Which is fine with me.

Alright I should go cuz i need to be studying some genetics.

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006
12:46 pm
For Steve Irwin
For those of you that know me the best I'm sure you know that I am incredibly upset that Steve Irwin died. I started watching Crocodile Hunter in late high school. I can honestly say that I would not be as into reptiles as I am today if I did not start watching him. I was happily on my way to a life dedicated to marine biology when....

I dont really care what anybody said about him, he truly was my hero. And anybody that read my myspace profile once can see that I had him under Heroes, since the day i set my profile up. I went to go see Crocodile Hunter Collision Course the day it came out in theaters and owned it on DVD shortly after. I own his autobiography and everything. He was just a great great man and so incredibly dedicated to his work. I cant believe the enthusiasm and passion of this man and thats why I loved him so much. I've had a cloud hanging over my head the entire day because I have lost my hero..just think of your hero and think about losing them today if they are still alive..yeah.

The thing about the accident that is shocking to me is that it is so rare. Its so rare for a moderatly harmless animal like a sting ray kill somebody. The part about it that kind of scares me is that it could have happened to anybody. Anybody that scuba dives or snorkles, this wasn't Steve in the middle of his dangerous antics and this time he just got it...this is honestly something that could have happened to me.

But all in all I will always have good memories of Steve and the man that introduced me to the awesomeness of crocs, alligators and venomous snakes. I'll never forget him
Thursday, August 24th, 2006
3:17 pm
I just want everybody to know right now that I look like a freaking freak. I have a gigantic bug catching net and a block of wood with bugs pinned to it. I have to carry around these items for the rest of the day. Even though i am done with classes for the rest of the day, I still have to go to Student Health at 4 and then ride the crowded CAT bus home. IM A FREAK. But i am awesome too cuz I caught some stinging bugs and they rock and i learned how to get them into my cyanide jar without getting stung. YESSS its gonna be a good semester.
Tuesday, August 15th, 2006
12:11 pm
I just got back from a brisk walk at Lake Johnson. There was also a little bit of running involoved. It felt great and I am probably gonna go do that all week long. I just bought some feeding tongs off the internet so I can feed Rosy without possibly getting bit. I couldnt find any at PetSmart so I asked Cooper where he got the museums feeding tongs. He proceeded to show me to a website called www.tongs.com. I was like 'youve got to be kidding me' That was hilarious. So I went to tongs.com and bought some 12 inch tweezers.

Well this weekend is Snakes on a Plane. I think I am going to go Sunday because that is the only night both me and my brother can go together.

Saturday night I am taking Jaquetta out for some drinks and congratulate her on taking the MCATS.

I know a lot of people going through break ups and disappointments in their like/love life. I just wanna say that you all deserve love and we will get it right one day, just have fun for now.
Tuesday, August 8th, 2006
10:37 pm
So I just finished my Organic Chemistry II final today. I can't believe I am done. Its pretty weird not having any type of responsibility. Its kind of boring right now cuz today I am too tired to do much of anything and I am really broke until Thursday. Thats ok though because tomorrow Danielle is coming over to go swimming and laying out the sun with me. Its gonna feel great! I am going to be so excited to see her again, i missed her terribly. After that I work Thursday Friday Sat and Sun. Thursday I get paid from both of my jobs and I am going to pick up Rosy the Boa and buy all of its accessories. I can't wait, I am really happy.

After that I am going to be working 8 hour days at Godiva which sucks in a way but also doesnt because there are only 3 days of that, and they are spread out. Then, the following weekend mayhem begins. First with the premire of Snakes on a Plane! then Saturday we are hopefully having a party for Jaquetta. My brother already said he will probably come up, and thats awesome. Then, a few days later classes start which I am kind of excited about. I always seem to get excited about classes starting. Its a new beginning ya know? Plus I am taking some pretty interesting things this semester (Evolutionar Biology, Wildlife Management). Theres always some good stuff going on fall semester and some free food somewhere. Just gotta be willing to participate.

So shit, theres some really good things to be looking foward to. It kind of makes me feel better after being in a sorta sad mood inside today. (Not on the outside tho because I spent almost the entire day with Matt and it was fun.)
Monday, August 7th, 2006
7:47 pm
Ok I so bought a snake the other day. I do not have it yet, but it is mine. I went to a reptile specialty store and bought a rosy boa. Its about 2 feet long full grown. I will pick it up hopefully on thrusday. Its gonna live in a 10 gallon tank on my bookself. I am excited about having a snake but it was also a career move. Im getting myself used to being around snakes. Like how am around cats, dogs, birds and anything else I have owned. Because for some unknown reason I was real nervous on Friday handling the snakes at the museum..the same ones I have been handling for almost a year now. I dont need to be nervous like that around the time I am looking for a job in that field.

I guess it didnt really help that the gartner snake Friday was biting at everything, the sides of his drawer, the paper he lives on, and me. Hes a bastard.
Friday, July 14th, 2006
4:45 pm
Its the most wondeful time of the year......
Ok guys shark week starts July 30th until Aug 6th. We all know what that means. Kat will be by the tv and if I cant be there I will be taping it. They've got that guy from Dirty Jobs hosting it this year which I think will be good but not as good as the Mythbusters hosting it last year. Anyways will be good no matter what, its shark week!!! Ive been watching it since i can remember that it was on.

Ok im trying to still grab onto this concept that people meet people and actually like each other. Someone actually likes me, is not intimidated that I live with guys and goes out his way to visit me. Its a great feeling, but still, a guy actually likes me and goes out of his way to spend time with me?? What a fucking concept!!!!!

Current Mood: blah
Monday, July 10th, 2006
4:04 pm
DC and other things
So I finally went to Alexandria Virginia to visit Ryan and some relatives in the DC area. It was a great time. First thing we did we go over to my uncle's restraunt Ambrosia. (It was me stephen and my grandma by the way). Ambrosia relocated and got a makeover from the last time I was there and its awesome. You walk in and see a greek statue. The entire restraunt is blue and white and scenes of greece are painted on the walls with placemats that are a map of all the greek isles. Saw my cousin Arthur right away. Later cousin Kathy and Anastasia showed up.

That night we went over the Ryan's (me and stephen) and played geometry wars and watched the remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

THe next morning we slept in and went to the National Zoo. Id say probably the best zoo ive been too. THey had impressive enclosures for the animals and an i especially liked there focus on conservation and education. THey had a cheetah section. We spend a great deal of time there. I saw a panda for the first time there too.

That night we went clubbin with Kathy and Anastasia and there friend. It was pretty fun but i was too damn tired to be totally into it. Plus the best club we went to closed right when we got there.

The next night we went to see Dieselboy. That was with Ryan and his girlfriend. That was pretty fun actually. I also got pretty drunk. I was sitting down when this couple comes over beside me and starts making out and soon they are touching me (not on purpose, they were just having total disreguard) and gettng too close so i shoved the hell out of the girl and told them to get a room and that i was there first. THey looked at me disturbed and then went on making out....but without bumping into me this time. haha.

Sunday was the other highlight of the trip when I went over to my uncle Demitri's house for a cookout. That house was the greekest thing in the world. THey literally live in the parthanon with the greek key displayed everywhere including the floor, drive way and their tissue boxes. Ill have pictures of that.

Sunday, June 25th, 2006
11:01 pm
Not much to update really. Everyone is sleepy today when I got home from work. I dyed my hair red during the Hurricanes game. Not FOR the Hurricanes but I thought I'd bring that part up. I really like it. Its weird, just the other day I hated it and wanted to buy a brown rinse to calm it down. But for some reason i started loving it again. I guess I just needed some time, I havent dyed my hair in a year or so.

On a happy thought. I have a vacation coming up with my brother and grandma. We are going to the DC area to see family and friends. This is exciting, because the last two times I went out of town for an extended period of time was to go scuba diving. Which of course I love, but its nice just to be seeing family and friends and relaxing. Hopefull we will be going to the National Zoo, which is free by the way! We are gonna get fed too much by our relatives that own a greek restraunt up there. Its gonna be insane. Then I also of course get to see Ryan in his natural habitat. I can't wait!!!!!

This weekend was kinda crazy again just like the last one. Friday I got up and did a tour a CPT then went straight to volunteer work at the museum then went to work at Godiva. I got up the next morning and went back to Godiva for another 7 hours. When I got home that day I passed the FUCK out....hard, for like two hours. Then I proceeded to get drunk with Robert, Matt, Greg and Jason over at their place. Which is just a few buildings down. Then of course went back to Godiva the next day...today.

So I work tomorrow at 5:30 then the next day then its off to DC. A well needed vacation.

Current Mood: content
Thursday, June 22nd, 2006
6:15 pm
Ok last night I heard the worst thing ever on the Daily Show. They were showing a House debate about violence and video games and how it influences kids and what they should do about the rating systems. A senator preceeded to say that kids that live in the suburbs are not as easily influenced by video games like GTA and are not at risk compared to kids living in the "poorer districts" who see first hand cars being stolen and possibly their older brother is really a drug dealer. I cannot believe he said that!!!! Before i rant can someone tell me why this is such an unbelieveable idiotic and blatantly RACIST thing to say??????? Someone that wasnt watching it with me.

Current Mood: shocked
Thursday, June 15th, 2006
12:27 am
Best Weekend Ever
Alright so I am up right now because the bitches upstairs decided to have a f-ing party on a Wednesday night. It doesnt affect me as much as it does Robert so im pissed anyway.

Ok so I had the greatest weekend ever. Saturday night me, Stephen, Robert, Stephen's friend Stu and my parents for some of the time went to Downtown Raleigh Live to see Arrested Development. They were a band I loved as a kid, since they came out around 1993. And I finally got to see them. I have to say they were excellent and probably my favorites of the concert series so far. They just had it goin on fo real.

Sunday I was suppose to go to Wilmington to see the Ray Gradys (and that means Jon). I was mentally and physically prepared for it until I got a call that it was canceled. I was really dissappointed seeing as tho i was excited and I had to go way out of my way to get the day off. So stuck with a day off with nothing to do I went down to Fayetteville. Mostly because I wanted to go see "Cars" with my dad. So I did. The movie seemed as though it was made for my dad and to make him happy, kinda like the fact that drag queens exist to make me happy.

I also visited Ashley since she was who I was suppose to go to Wilmington with. I felt bad so I stopped by her place and met her boyfriend. What turned into a day in fayetteville ended up the next day because it was about to storm like crazy so I decided to stay the night. Which ended up working out cuz me and Justin and Scotty and Stephen ended up hanging out at the Mash House having a few cold ones.

So I might be out of one of my jobs for a little while. Crabtree Valley Mall got severely flooded and I was called today not to come in. I most likely won't be going in tomorrow as scheduled either.

This actually does not make me a happy camper.
Monday, June 5th, 2006
6:19 pm
Ladies and Gentlemen. Id like to announce that I could wear a backless shirt if need be. I currently have no back rolls at all anymore. I also changed my body type on my yahoo personals from thick to average.
Saturday, June 3rd, 2006
10:45 pm
I really need to be cleaning my room and preparing for another full day of work but I decided I need to go ahead and make a post about my dive trip before I put it off forever.

I dove Tuesday and Wednesday (May 30th and 31) off the coast of Morehead City. I dove with some friends, Cindy Burham and Rick Allen, both photographers and experienced divers. They were nice to put me up in their beach house and fed me for free. Not to mention they gave me freebies like a pair of booties and a dive bag.

The first day was awesome. I got up around 4:45am. But I didnt mind because the boat had bunk beds in it to sleep and the boat ride was gonna be 2 hours. Besides, how could I mind when I knew I was gonna be diving? So I set up gear and went to sleep. Rick came and woke me and my dive buddy Wendy up and said we were only a mile from the Papoose, the ship wreck we were gonna dive. So I got up and went out on the deck were our dive gear was set up and the first thing everyone saw were a pod of dolphins playing around our boat. I watched them for 10-15 mins and I watched them all surface at the same time. There were about 12 of them. We were hoping they were gonna be in the water when we dove in but they had moved on by then. So we dove in. The Papoose was about 110 feet deep. I followed an anchor line down to it and saw schooling fish immediately. The first memorable thing I saw on that dive was a shark. Wendy hit me and pointed and I saw it, then it turned around really fast and it was gone. So we followed Rick around and the next thing I saw was a lion fish swimming right next to a spotted moray eel. I couldnt believe my luck on this dive. And didnt even notice that I was 112ft deep.

So I surfaced and immediately felt sea sick. And then i proceeded to puke off the side of the boat. But hell! I felt 100% better immediately after I puked.

The 2nd dive that day I saw about 4 toadfish. Which are these bottom dwelling fish with fins more like appendages used for walking along the bottom. That was cool because they are usually not in clear view like that. Also saw a large flounder at the bottom and we made it swim away so we could watch it swim on its side.

The next day Wendy was gone so I just dove with Cindy and Rick. The first dive was ok, there were a lot of schooling fish and jacks. There was a bit of a current. But the real fun didnt happen until the second dive. I dove in, went down the anchor line and the first thing I see are 3 baracuda. They were HUGE. I stopped dead in my tracks not from fear but beacuse I knew i needed to embrace the moment. The current here was so incredibly strong. I was holding onto the anchor line with both hands with my feet flying behind me. When I would like back to see were Cindy was i could feel my mask about to fly off and my regulator about to fly out of my mouth. But I had the mask on tight and the reg was on a bungee cord around my neck so if it did fly off, it wasnt going anywhere.

It was a stuggle to go down that anchor line. I keep reading my depth gauge to see how far I was from the wreck and I had only gone like 2 feet.

The current was still strong when we got down there so we just held onto the actual wreck material in order to go exploring. I found a sting ray's egg sac at the bottom of the ocean floor and took it back up the surface when I was done. The babies were out of course and I was gonna save the egg sac but it was too dried and fragile. But hey it was cool finding it.

So those were my dives. On that last dive Rick said that if the current had been any stronger we wouldnt have dove at all.

So there we go. Thank you sea sickness, you now make me have a hatred for honey mustard pretzel peices.
Friday, May 26th, 2006
4:33 pm
X Men 3
OMG.....forget the movie. I saw the Snakes on a Plane trailer. I cannot tell you how much I am anticipating this movie. Its got Sam Jackson. And theres some really great stuff that happens in X Men and some REALLY shitty stuff. If anybody wants to discuss what I am talking about and has seen it too, let me know, otherwise I dont wanna ruin ANYTHING.

Friday, May 19th, 2006
4:57 pm
Chronic Fatigue
Alright so the diet is working so far. Today I slept til about 9:30. Went on the cross training machine and had nothing but my whole food diet, with the exception of some of matts birthday cake. All those factors should lead to no fatigue in the middle of the day at all. But I was surprised when coming home from the museum today i started gettng sleepy. That kind of pissed me off. But, I got on the computer and started doing some of my homework for my upcoming online class, and lo and behold, the fatigue went away. It used to be that I'd HAVE to take a nap cuz normally it wouldnt go away.

So I think its working and thats good.

I feel bad for Cooper, he got in a car accident as he was driving on the phone with his girlfriend who was breaking up with him. Surprisingly the accident wasnt his fault. But damn that sucks. He's a pretty cheerful guy, it didnt seem to bother him today, he was his normal self.

Current Mood: cheerful
Tuesday, May 16th, 2006
2:57 pm
Birthday party and health update
Alright so first off I'd like to thank everyone for a wonderful birthday party. It has gone down as one of my favorites. Thank you robert for cooking and thank you matt for being our personal jester and dj. My new toy from matt is Guitar Hero for PS2. We played it all night long with only one hour break from it to play DDR. I havent played it much this week but I will when I get home after grocery shopping.

I have been working out lately doing the crosstraining machine at the gym. I feel really good I have lost a few extra pounds on top of the large weight loss i experienced in the fall. The real reason I started was because I had been suffering from chronic fatigue. I'm sure part of it has to do with the fact that I work and go to school. Part of it has to do with the lack of exercise i was getting during the spring semester and Im sure part of it had to do with my caffine intake. Either way, feeling unbelievebly tired in the middle of the day right before I am to go to work or I need to be studying was not working out. So I'd take a nap (which isnt necessarily a bad thing but most of the time i dont have time to take a nap) or drink more coffee or soda which is never a good thing. So working out regularly has definately helped. I get real tired towards the end of the night instead of the middle of the day. But there is one thing I am still trying to do and that is to drink less caffine and start eating more whole foods. My mom has been preaching to me the evils of high fructose corn syrup and I am going to take her advice and avoid it as much as possible. So im gonna go to whole foods and see what I can get, then I think I can finally say goodbye to my chronic fatigue.

Current Mood: hopeful
Friday, May 5th, 2006
3:57 pm
I cant believe it you guys. I actually passed quantitative with a C. That is seriously a miracle because I failed an entire test, made a little below average on the rest of them and got a D on the final. However I did have an A average for the homework. I swear to god that is such a relief. If i can pass that, pass organic well (B) hold 2 jobs, a pretty social life and do volunteer work, I feel like I can do anything now. Its just that great.

I just got back from the museum. I actually lingered today and bullshitted around with cooper because for once I dont have to go to work. As a matter of fact my plans today is to cook chicken with matt and go to a party with Danielle. Sounds like a good night to me.

Zoology exam this morning went extremely well. Its a beautiful thing to be done with another semester of school.
Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006
7:41 am
Right before my hardest exam
Ok so its about 17 mins before my chem 201 exam. I got to school pretty dang early but, who doesnt want to be on the safe side with their hardest exam? I purposefully did not bring anything to look at because that shit just makes me more nervous and I dont actually comprehend anything RIGHT before an exam like that, so I figured I'd into the usually full but now empty chemistry computer lab and do something mindless like update my LJ. I can't wait to get this over with. I know im gonna do pretty well, at least average and pass well. And thats all I am shooting for right now.

Yesterday I went to the Carnivore Preservation Trust for my tour guide training. And for some reason I was not all that excited about it and was seriously thinking about backing out of it. But today I am more excited and I decided to stay in it. I think I was just getting too anxious yesterday because I knew I had to go home and study for finals and the training was taking a very long time.

So my plans for the rest of the day are to go home and nap then spend the rest of the day studying for organic which I won't need to study much for and for Zoology. Sounds like a good day to me, I guess.

Oh yeah and I'll play with the lizards.


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